Easy WiFi 4.0.110

Free and simple software that allows you to easily find and access local Wi-Fi hotspots

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Easy WiFi 4.0.110
Easy WiFi 4.0.78

Easy WiFi is a Windows program that makes it easy to find and connect to hotspots.

If you use a laptop, netbook, or other portable Windows device, then you know the challenge of Internet access on the go. Easy WiFi helps overcome this challenge by searching for and automatically connecting to hotspots that are within range of your device. The program is simple to use. It doesn’t take up much space on disk, doesn’t consume many resources and can load when Windows boots.

When Easy WiFi is running, it will automatically activate when you lack Internet access, and it can go to sleep when you’re satisfied with your connection. When it’s searching, it will identify all connections within range and attempt in to connect to those that are the strongest and to which you have access to. It will continue working until it exhausts its option or you tell it to cease.

This approach is compatible with most locations in the U.S. as well as practically all network providers. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. Many users won’t even need to fiddle with the settings. If you do choose to fiddle, one of the most convenient settings at your disposal is the ability to hide hotspots that you can’t or simply don’t want to use.

You can also mark connections as preferred so that Easy WiFi connects to them first whenever possible. There isn’t any way to prioritize preferences, which is a feature many users would like to see added. When not dealing with preferences, Easy WiFi prioritizes options based on signal strength.

Programs like Easy WiFi are less prevalent now that most Windows devices have this feature built-in. It’s also worth nothing that for various reasons the program doesn’t work or works in a limited fashion outside the U.S. Nevertheless, if you live or are travelling in the U.S. and have a Windows device that doesn’t have this feature set integrated, Easy WiFi is a very useful tool.


  • Automatic hotspot detection
  • Automatic hotspot connection
  • Small storage and resource footprint


  • Limited to U.S.

Easy-Wifi is designed to make finding and connecting to nearby WiFi networks fast and easy. It is perfect for busy travelers, people who move from place to place and anyone else who wants to get hooked up with a local hotspot with ease. The only problem is that this utility can be seen as redundant and unnecessary because many newer devices already include similar features.

How it works

Just install the program or app, and it will automatically seek out and attempt to connect to the nearest available hotspot. The utility includes an interface which allows the user to enter and store log-in information for their preferred networks. It also automatically connects to WiFi networks that are included in a large database. This can eliminate the need for users to manually enter a username or password when attempting to connect to a new network for the first time. This only works if that particular network is already recognized by the software, but it is a handy feature that does have some benefit.

This is a very simple program that is designed to get users connected to WiFi networks, and it does little else. It does not improve speed, performance or reliability, and it does not enhance security or give users access to protected or private hotspots.

Most devices nowadays automatically scan and try to connect with the nearest available hotspot. Users can store log-in information on their devices and play with their settings in order to get connected when in range. There is really no need to download and install this utility if this sort of functionality is already available. However, some users will benefit from what this utility has to offer.


Automatically detects and attempts to connect to WiFi hotspots.

Easy to use and install

Non-resource intensive


Redundant and unnecessary

Does not improve connectivity or speed

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